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A Mighty Fine Messenger: Meet the Hermes Jypsiere Bag

In 2008, Jean-Paul Gautier introduced a new design to the Hermes collection. His goal was to create a casual purse that would appeal to women who loved the Kelly handbag but wanted something that was more simple and better suited to everyday wear. The bag was the Jypsiere, a look that remains one of the most popular in the Hermes collection even today.

The Hermes Jypsiere Bag brings together features from the Kelly and the Birkin. The bag has the same side straps found on both bags and the clochette lock on the front for securing small items. Unlike the other bags, it features a fold-over flap and a rounded bottom, making it resemble a messenger bag. Instead of top handles, the purse bears an adjustable shoulder strap, which you can easily make longer or shorter, so that it rests in the perfect place. The strap even has a shoulder pad for added comfort.

Handcrafted like all Hermes handbags, the Hermes Jypsiere Bag comes in four sizes: the 28cm, the 31cm, the 34cm and the 37cm. By far, the most popular is the 34cm, which offers an ample amount of space without being overly bulky. This size will perfectly suit women of slightly petite, average or slightly tall size.  Ideally, the handbag should fall around your hip.

The most popular leather type for the Hermes Jypsiere Bag is the Togo, which comes from adult cattle. It is a very durable material that is sleek to the touch. Because of its strength, the Togo Jypsiere bag is a great choice for carrying to work or school daily. Since the style is so practical and popular, it has limited availability. Most retailers are only able to get one or two Jypsiere styles in at a time, so it can be difficult to locate the ideal shade.

To purchase a Hermes Jypsiere Bag in the most popular 34cm size, you could expect to pay $8,650 in a boutique or luxury department store. Here at HermesSale!, our Hermes Jypsiere Bag replicas in the same size are just $305. We also have a 30cm version priced at $295.

Our bags feature a Togo calfskin leather just like the originals and have all of the details that you love about the Jypsiere, but for a much more affordable price. We have an array of colors in stock, making it possible for you to find the perfect handbag to complete your wardrobe. Browse our selection today!

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