About Us

Welcome to Hermes Sales! For almost a decade, we have been providing discerning shoppers with high quality fashion accessories at the best possible prices! Our extensive industry experience, combined with our beautiful craftsmanship and dedication to top-notch customer service has made us a favorite with both our retail and wholesale customers around the world! We’d love to become your favorite too!

Hermes Sales is constantly seeking to evolve and improve. It is this commitment to innovation that led us, five years ago, to become proud partners of one of the most respected Hermes copy manufacturers in the business. Since then, we have been supplying copy Hermes bags to numerous boutiques, both online and offline, as well as to individual retail customers. Our retail customers tell us that they love our quality, service, and broad selection. And our boutique customers tell us that they love the fact that our products help them not only save money, but consistently achieve record sales. In order to help our clients save even more, we have eliminated the need for individual buyers to travel to China for stock, which is not only time-consuming but costly. Our website offers boutique owners the opportunity to browse our complete product line, and order new stock, in one easy, convenient process.

At Hermes Sales, our number one priority is customer satisfaction! That means that we go to great lengths to ensure that every product we sell meets the highest standards of quality. Unlike other manufacturers, who create their products according to images of the original, our manufacturing partner purchases bags directly from Hermes, so that we can copy every detail with scrupulous accuracy.

You may have seen other manufacturers advertising the fact that they use “top” grade leather and finishes rated AAA or A+++. But don’t be misled! These ratings don’t actually mean that the materials are of the highest grade available. In fact, AAA or AAA+++ indicates materials of a good – but not exceptional – quality. Other manufacturers might be satisfied with cheaper metals and leathers, our manufacturer never settles for anything less than the absolute top grade of 1:1.

Every bag in our standard line is constructed with extra care and meticulous attention to detail, using only the finest of materials, including top-grade calf leather from China, the highest grade of metal (mirror quality, oxidation-resistant finish), and the most supple lambskin linings. While this process is more time-consuming and expensive, we believe the results are worth it. In fact, it’s almost impossible to spot any differences between our bags and the Hermes originals. Visit our quality guarantee page for more information.

Because we believe that our customers deserve to have a wide array of products to choose from, in addition to our standard line of bags, we also offer an exclusive Authentic Quality line. Our Authentic Quality bags feature the same painstaking attention to detail and finish, but are constructed of imported Italian leather – the same leather used by Hermes – for that little extra touch of luxury. Imported Italian leather is recognized as the finest in the world. Because of its incomparable quality, Italian leather is more expensive than other leathers, and for that reason we only produce a limited quantity of bags in our Authentic Quality collection. And even though these bags cost slightly more, there is no denying that they represent the ultimate in taste and class. Whether you choose a bag from our standard line or from our Authentic Quality colection, you’ll be investing in a wonderful accessory that will enhance your lifestyle – and at a surprisingly reasonable cost that we’re sure will delight you!

We strive for transparency in all our business interactions with our customers. For that reason, please note that the use of the terms “original” and “authentic” is not intended to suggest that our products are produced by Hermes. All of our products are copies. Our use of these terms is intended to refer to our manufacturing process, through which we attempt to exactly and painstakingly copy every feature of the Hermes bags upon which our products are based.

In addition, all of the images on our site are of the actual items. Except for the purposes of adding watermarks to our content, we absolutely never edit, enhance, or photo-shop our images. What you see is exactly what you can expect to receive. Granted, there may be sites that show beautiful, stunningly perfect images, but we suggest that you check carefully to ensure that they are unedited and true representations of the products offered.

As you browse through our catalogue, please note that the prices indicated are for single orders. However, we are happy to offer our customers the option of a wholesale discount for orders including multiple items. The wholesale discount will be automatically applied to your order subtotal if you have added several items to your shopping cart. For further details about the wholesale discount program, please see our wholesale page.

Because we value our customers and would love to have you return, we have also introduced a customer-appreciation program. Our system automatically keeps track of your order history, so that returning customers can take advantage of great savings. On your first order, you will be grouped as a “First-time Customer,” and will receive no discount on your order (with the exception of multiple-item orders, as described above). On your second order, you will be upgraded to the status of a “Returning Customer,” and a 10% discount will be applied to your order at checkout. For customers who order often, after three orders you will be added to our “Preferred Customer” group, and will receive a 15% discount on all future orders! You can find out more about our Customer Loyalty Discount here.

We would also love to hear your feedback! Once you’ve received your order, we’d be delighted if you’d take the time to send us an email with your comments about our products and service. And if you have any complaints, or would like to tell us about something we could do better, please do so!  We are constantly aiming to improve, and your feedback will help us do exactly that. To return the favor, when we receive your email we will upgrade you to “Returning Customer” status, so that you will receive a 10% discount on future orders. And if you love our products, recommend us to your friends – and as a token of appreciation, we’ll award you with a shop voucher that can be applied against your next purchase!