Pre-shipment Photos (PSP)

I see you offer PSP.  What is PSP?

PSP is an acronym for ‘Pre-shipment photos.’  This is a service we add at no charge to you, our valued customer.  Those who have made previous purchases from our companies and wish to see their new item(s) before shipment can request PSP.


What is the value in PSP?

Selecting PSP means that you become a member of our Quality Control, QC, team.  This means you get to see your item(s) before we ship to you.  It provides you with peace of mind that what you see is what you will receive.


How do you process PSP?

It is simple.  We receive your item(s) from our factories.  The warehouse staff shoots pictures of your item(s).  You can be assured the pictures you see are of your actual item(s).


Does PSP add to my shipping time?

We take the time to personally review all items that come to us from the factory.  Those item(s) that do not meet our standards are returned to the factory.   Shipping from the factory is one (1) day.  Shooting pictures of your item(s) is another day, so two (2) days total.


item(s) which do not meet our standards are returned to the factory.  This adds an additional day of shipping time.


How do I get the PSP?

After shooting your pictures, we upload them to Google Photo Service.  We will send you a link to your email on file or SMS.  (Note: SMS is only available in North America.)  Customers can elect for pictures from Whatsapp or wechat as well.


Can you guarantee the quality of the pictures?

All pictures of your item(s) are taken by our warehouse staff.  The environment inside the warehouse is not the same as a professional studio, and the staff does not have professional photography skills or equipment.  You are free to contact us about the quality of your PSP.


What if I am not happy with the PSP?

The color may not be exactly what you are expecting.  Do please remember: We do not have the capabilities or equipment of a professional photographer.  Our warehouse staff cannot control lighting in the warehouse.  Should you wish for different pictures, realize this will delay your order an additional day.  Any defects you find will incur two (2) additional days of shipping time.


What is the cost of PSP?

This is a special service we offer to you.  There is no charge for PSP.  There is only a delay of shipping.  Those who need their item(s) in a rush should not choose PSP.


I want PSP before I order.  Can I do this?

This is not an option.  We order all items directly from our factory.  These items are shipped to us from the factory.  We incur this expense, so it is not feasible to shoot your PSP until the order is complete.


Do you send PSP with all orders?

No; we do not do PSP unless specifically requested.  All PSP means delays in the order processing and shipping.  Our return customers do not normally choose PSP as they are aware of our quality of products.  They have complete trust in our reputation and standards.