Payment discount

We officially accept money gram, money express and bank transfer and you can get 10% discount for all of these, but there is something we must make clear.

  1. Money Express

It’s not refer to any specific company, it refers to any money transfer service provider that you can find. Please google for ‘money transfer services providers’ or ‘international money transfer’ and I’m pretty sure you will find a lot. Basically, if they can send money to China citizen, we can take it; but it’s always good to confirm with us before you make payment.

  1. You can use agency to pay us

If you want to use Paypal, sorry we don’t take it directly, but you may find an agency to pay us in Chinese currency RMB. Ytaopal is trusted by many buyers and it’s worth a try.

  1. If you know any chinese friend in your city, you can ask him/her to pay us via wechat.
  2. Use the third party wechat top up service.

You can find a lot of people doing wechat top up service online, some have good reputation while others don’t. If you have a trusted partner to do top up service to your wechat account, you can use it too. For security reasons, we don’t recommend anyone here.


If you have other methods to send payment to china, please let us know and we are eager to try.