Privacy Policy

It is our firm belief that customers should feel confident when shopping our site for their favorite Hermes copies. That is why we go to great measures to guarantee that your privacy is thoroughly protected.  Not only do we promise to treat your confidential information with discretion as outlined below in our privacy policy. We have taken measures to ensure that protection by utilizing licensed 256-bit SSL encryption. (Read our Security Shopping for details)

Our Promise to You

1. We promise that you personal information will never be sold, leased, licensed. Nor will we in any manner disclose yor personal and/or financial details to a third party unless we are placed under legal requirement to do so.

Your personal information will be released without your consent only in the following circumstances
•    By court order
•    In order to protect our customers legal rights
•    In a case of credit card theft or fraud your information will be sent to the relevant credit card company and financial institution, along with your shipping address
•    To make obligatory our Terms of Use and implement other legally binding agreements

2.    We will never send spam

3.    With exception to # 4 below, you will never receive unsolicited email from us

4. We may contact you unsolicited for any order issues up to and including:

a. To supply you with a tracking number and website address, (So you are able to get your parcel).
b. To let you know the date your order is shipped
c. To inform you if an ordered item is out of stock or ask for direction with issues related to your order.
d. To inform you if and item you purchased is on back-order or if there is a delay in production, and request direction on how to proceed. ( At this point you may choose another item, wait or    cancel).
e. To inform you that there has been a problem processing your payment along with the cause of payment failure such as insufficient funds, a refusal from the issuing institution.  (This will allow you to quickly resolve any issues and reapply your payment).
f. To inform you that our efforts to deliver your order have been unsuccessful, should this happen we advise you to contact your local Post office to arrange for the delivery and pick-up of your parcel.

5.  If you are a subscriber to our newsletter, we will send news on discount offers, sales events and seasonal savings.

If you have any further questions regarding Your Privacy Guarantee, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.