Customs and Seizure – Your options

What will happen if my item(s) are seized at Customs?

 Historically, we offered a 100 percent risk-free service to our customers no matter what country they lived in.  We would reship your item(s) or refund your money if your item(s) were seized by the customs agency in your country.  This was a service that set us apart from our competition and was greatly appreciated by our customers.

The Trump Trade War from the U.S. has forced us to make a change in this policy.

At the beginning of 2019, some shipments were seized upon entry into the U.S. by customs agents.  We were able to refund those customers at an expense of several thousand dollars.

This increased pressure and seizure means we cannot continue this for our customers.  This was not a choice we made lightly.  You, our customer, paid for your item(s) and should receive them without issue.  It is not your fault this happened.  It is grossly unfair to pay for an item and not receive it.

To that end, we now have an insurance policy for our customers.  It is a small fee of five (5) percent of your total order value.

Those who elect for this insurance will have 100 percent coverage if your item(s) are seized by customs of your country.

Those who do not elect for this insurance will have no recourse if your item(s) are seized.  We will not reship or refund your money in this instance.  You will be 100 percent responsible for your order.

We cover 100 percent of the Chinese customs at no charge to you.