Wholesale Program

From 2014-06-06, we redefined our wholesale discount and renamed the previous wholesale program to bulk order discount.  Wholesale program is for business partners only. Please do not bother reading if you are buying for personal usage.

Now, here is the details for wholesale discount.

  1. Payment is bank transfer or money express only. Do not ask for paypal or credit card payments. We would no longer agree if you ask for unavailable payment options. We had experienced a few frauds in the past, they placed several orders and paid them all by credit card, then made charge back after receiving goods.
  2. To get a real wholesale price, the minimun order quantity for most specific item is three and you would not always combine different styles.
  3. Currently, we can only offer birkin 30cm, birkin 35cm, birkin 40cm, kelly 28cm, kelly 32cm, constance pm, constance elan, and picotin bags for wholesale. The normal time frame is about 10 days to produce your order.  Just clemence is available.
  4. Our hardware is made of steel. Please keep in mind most hermes copy suppliers use zinc alloy to produce hardwares. Zinc alloy may rust over time and easily get broken or drop off.
  5. If you quote for price, we do not include the oversea shipping fees. We are a chinese company and we can calculate shipping fees exactly within China only. If you are not in China, you are free to assign any third party carrier or we will use our default carrier. Your parcel will be shipped by ocean because shipping by plane is very expensive.
  6. We guarantee the quality is the highest at the same price level in this market. However, it’s possible that you may not like a bag. If the bag is defective, you can return it to fix, but you can not exchange to any other bag.  We will pay for the reshipping fee, but please note we will not pay for the returning postage no matter how expensive it may be.
  7. We do not offer free samples, and we do not offer discount for you to place a trial order.  This is necessary for us to sort out the fake wholesale buyers. You will not get answered if you require a free sample.
  8. If you would like to wholesale authentic quality hermes copies,  you can mix items. But it will take half a month to produce them.
  9. Wholesale program is independent, no other promotional coupons, discounts can be combined.
  10. We can produce bags according to your requirement. Some colors are not available at our online shop, but if you want, we can still produce them.

Feel free to quote price via email: [email protected]; whatsapp: +1 (402) 370-6906.