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Bag Lover’s Dream: The Classic Hermès Bag

Go ahead.  Try to consider all of the bags that Hermès manufactures in a given year.  Most luxury brands, including those who manufacture globally, have some sort of limit on their lines to make production easier on their supply lines and shops.  This means they only make a limited number of products or produce on a certain number of colors for the year’s line.  Gucci, for example, only has a few bags that they produce regularly: the Dionysus, Marmont, Sylvie and Ophidia.  This is strange for the Gucci brand, considering how deeply they fill the market with their other product lines. Hermès stands out from the crowd as the crème de la crème of the high end fashionable bag world.  They are the exception to the rule, and they have the clout to back it up.
Hermès has the deepest and richest colors for their bag lines.  Even a ubiquitous color like pink has variations in shade of a dozen or more.  Take this one color from the bag line and apply it to its entire line of bags – bags that have the same name but different sizes and structures plus more choices in hardware than most bag lines.  This makes for a difficult choice when it comes to a Hermèspurchase either at a boutique or its online store.  Hermès does not have a good number of one thing.  They have a good number of everything.
The two biggest and most popular of the Hermès line is the Birkin and Kelly bag line.  These are also the most difficult to put hands on unless you have a relationship with a store or get incredibly lucky – good shoppers are both.  These designs are the bags that define the brand.  This makes their scarcity real and thus hard to find and even purchase.  This does not mean the Birkin or Kelly bags are superior to the rest of the Hermès line in look and breadth.  It means there are more people in the world who know about these two lines, and this makes the models scarce and difficult to purchase virtually anywhere.
You have decided to take a plunge into the high end replica game and are looking at one of the many Hermès that we at offer.  You have decided the Birkin line is great, but you want to stand out with your purchase.  You want that fine Hermès name, look and style but want to be different than the rest.  We have compiled a list of ten other Hermès products we offer along with the prices of the authentic with our price along side of it.  This way you can make the best educated guess and have the perfect Hermès replica to suit your needs and desires.
This bag was created to commemorate a new Bugatti launch. The bag’s concept goes back to 1923 and has gone through a variety of phases before settling in on what is currently available for purchase.
Hermès Bolide 31 Bag, $8,100 at Hermès.  Available at for <PRICE>.
Plume has its origins in luggage designs from four decades before and began as a travel piece in the 1960’s.  History and cinema buffs will appreciate this tidbit: The rumor is the Plume’s day bag size came about because of a specific request from the famous French actress Catherine Deneuve.
Hermès Plume II Mini Bag, $6,000.00 at Hermès.  Available at for <PRICE>.
Victoria II
This bag dates back to 2007 although the predecessor original Victoria’s exact debut date is a mystery.  This is a classic bag for good reason: Simple, functional and roomy.  The Victoria II could be a member of any period of modern bag history style and design.
Hermès Victoria II Fourre-Tout 35 Bag, $5,150.00 at Hermès.  Available at for <PRICE>.
Garden Party
Along with the Victoria bag, the Garden Party Tote’s debut date is lost in the annals of history.  The bag itself is steeped in popularity for its must-have features: room, sophistication, classic and shoulder ready.  The Garden Party is also one of Hermès less expensive leather day bags.
Hermès Garden Party 36 Bag, $3,675.00 at Hermès.  Available at for <PRICE>.
Named for one of the original designer’s dear daughters, the Constance dates back to 1959 and is the closest the brand will get to a logo bag.  The ‘H’ hardware lets everyone know the iconic name and is prominently displayed on the front of all the different versions.  Those who are not necessarily interested in the logo will find the Roulis or 2002 bag more their style.  Each has a flap style similar to the Constance, but the hardware is not as prominent.
Hermès Constance Bag, $12,041.00 at Hermès.  Available at for <PRICE>.
Many know of the origins of the Hermès line is steeped in the equestrian world.  The Evelyne was part of the leather products for stable hands to carry their grooming supplies.  The relauch of the line in 2000 placed the bag on the fashion side of the company for good.  For the line, the Evelyne is modestly priced yet meets the needs for a day bag – casual and functional.
Hermès Evelyne III 33 Bag, $3,750.00 at Hermès.  Available at for <PRICE>.
This clutch is one of the most recent of the Hermès line as it dates back to the relatively new year of 2007.  The bag itself, like much of the line, goes back to the 1920’s.  The Collier de Chien lock of the brand’s dog collars, cuffs and watches is now on this bold clutch.  It is also a staple piece among many of the Hermès collectors.
Hermès Medor Clutch, $5,150.00 at Hermès.  Available at for <PRICE>.
This bag, like the smaller Medor, saw the stores and arms of Hermès lovers in 2007.  This year was special for the company as the line was filled with new designs and fresh relaunches of old favorites.  The Lindy’s signature is not the bold hardware – the shape is what makes the bag stand out.  The bag rebels against rules of handles and shoulder bags.  The move was a bold one, so bold in fact that many other luxury brands followed suit.
Hermès Lindy 30 Bag, $7,800.00 at Hermès.  Available at for <PRICE>.
Picotin Lock
Looking back to 2002, this bag’s look is an obvious throwback to Hermès equestrian roots.  Those familiar with the horse industry will likely quickly notice the bag’s design is based around the feed back that hooks around a horse’s ear.  Don’t fret; the casual look of the Picotin Lock is a bit more aesthetic than its humble prototype’s design and function.
Hermès Picotin Lock, $4,875.00 at Hermès Online – Purchase at for <PRICE>.
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