Custom Birkin 25cm Original Clemence Leather Bag

908.48 GBP

8L béton
R2 bleu agate
7E bleu brighton
7T bleu électrique
T7 bleu hydra
7W bleu Izmir
J7 Rose Sheherazade
Bleu Nuit
7F bleu paon
73 bleu saphir
N7 Bleu Tempete 
75 Blue Jean
Blue Paradis
G5 Bois De Rose
F5 bourgogne
V6 Canopee
6A Cardamome
Casaque Red
7N celeste
47 chocolat
10 Craie
8F etain
18 Etoupe
37 Gold
88 Graphite
M8 Gris Asphalte
8C Gris Elephant 
gris mouette
80 Gris Perle
81 Gris Tourterelle 
9O jaune de Naples
Jaune Poussin
K5 Tosca
6V Laurier
Z6 malachite
6W menthe
7Q Mykonos
89 Noir
93 Orange
5P Pink
L5 prawn pink
58 prune
3W prunoir
Rose Confetti 
T5 Rose Jaipur
U5 rose lipstick
E5 rose tyrien
55 Rouge H
B5 Rubis
Sakura Pink
K5 Tosca
S2 trench
Vert Anglais
96 Violet

Stitching * 

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Additional information

Weight 2.13 kg
Dimensions 25 × 13 × 20 cm

10 reviews for Custom Birkin 25cm Original Clemence Leather Bag

  1. val.

    IT’S PERFECT TRACY…THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Next one will be a Kelly. Will let you know soon.

  2. tina

    I received the bag and I love it! Thank you so much!!!

  3. G.D.

    I got the white Birkin & love it. Thanks!

  4. Jessica

    I am very pleased with my bag.
    I don’t believe this, I think I have real Authentic one!
    Without a doubt, the quality is the best.
    How fantastic leather it is!
    Smell is so gorgeous.
    The craftsmanship is excellent.
    No more talking, just buy!
    Thank you so very much for your patient and help.

  5. MIN.

    OMG!! So beautiful!! I just received my Birkin 25. It’s so gorgeous. Thank you! Your craftsmanship is so great!

  6. min.

    I received very well my 2nd birkin today.
    So nice and gorgeous!!

  7. DIE.

    It is beautiful and perfect

  8. CAIT.

    It looks PERFECT!!!!!

  9. Mary

    I have received it and it’s great I love it! Thank you so much- hope you are having a nice holiday.

  10. S.P.

    I received the bag today itsbeautiful color thank you so fast shipping. I so love my latest bag so much . Just so happy

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