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The Hermes Kelly Pochette Bag: Elegance 90 Years in the Making

Ah, the Hermes Kelly Handbag! By far one of the most famous bags in the Hermes collection, this ultra luxurious purse has a long history. The bag was actually created in 1892 in a huge version that was meant for wearing on saddles. In 1926,  Émile-Maurice Hermès redesigned the bag for his wife Julie to carry as a purse. The handbag created quite a buzz in the international fashion scene, and when Grace Kelly was spotted with one repeatedly during the 1950s, the handbag became the “it” purse that every woman wanted.

Today, the Kelly handbag is every bit as popular as it was decades ago. In fact, the purse is so hot that Hermes redesigned it as a clutch, calling the new style the Pochette. This ultra fashionable bag is so in demand that top boutiques have trouble keeping it in stock, particularly in very popular colors like black.

Like many Hermes bags, the Kelly Pochette is made in many different types of leathers, but the smooth, luxurious Clemence tends to be the favorite among ladies. Some women opt for the Hermes Pochette in exotic leathers like alligator and ostrich. The rarer the material, the more expensive the bag, with starting prices at $3,959. The price is due not only to the buzz that surrounds the bag, but also to its craftsmanship. All Hermes bags are handmade, making them of very high quality.

So what does the Hermes Kelly Pochette offer? For one thing, the handbag is very refined and dainty, so it’s perfect for carrying to evening events and to parties. The handbag measures 8.5 inches in width by 5.5 inches in height by 7.5 inches in depth. This gives you enough room for a smartphone, a wallet and must-have makeup items. The purse features a leather strap handle for carrying, and there is a matching strap lock closure on the front.

Inside the Hermes Kelly Pochette, you’ll find a slip wall pocket for keeping small items stored. To make the bag very sophisticated and sleek, there are no metal feet on the bottom the way that there are on other Hermes bags. The handbag comes in many colors, but you’ll be lucky to find more than one choice at boutiques.

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