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The International Hermès Birkin Price Guide

There are a few things you can be sure of when you are talking about the Hermès Birkin bag.  They are exclusive, scarce and considered the epitome of fashion.  There are also plenty of rumors and gossip that flies around the price of the bag.  We at have taken it upon ourselves to disprove some of these rumors about the price.

The one thing that you as a shopper of a replica Hermès Birkin bags is something not many replica manufacturers can promise.  We have set our prices on our products, and those prices have remained constant since our inception.  We do not plan on changing our prices nor our promise of quality.
Hermès is incredibly secretive about their bags.  There is very little information ever available at any one time about their product line.  Precious information like the colors, leather choices and hardware for each size and model is strictly limited and on a ‘need to know’ basis.  This only fuels the mystique and interest in the bag. has decided to share some information about the price of the authentic compared to the price of our replica.
Part of the secrecy of the Hermès Birkin line is the choice of leather they use for individual bags.  Prices, because of the leather choice, can vary – even before one starts looking at the exotic leathers available for the bag line.  There is also a question of international market – prices vary because of the fluctuating exchange market.  The international market for Birkins has no boundary, so the local currency and location can be different in Singapore as it is in London.  Price increases are common with Birkin, so what was paid for last year’s line may be different from this year.  Culture also has something to do with pricing, as media loves to fabricate the prices of a Birkin.  Inflating a price tag to $30,000.00 for a bag is something that draws in the celebrity followers, who are in awe at the price.  Even high end luxury magazines say the bags start at $12,000.00 – again a rumor and falsehood. has done the research.  We have looked into some of the more common leather choices used, along with the main sizes of handbags, to create a guide to give our customers an idea of what they can expect.  We concentrate on the U.S.  The majority of our customers come from the U.S.  We looked at the following leather choices: Clemence, Togo and Epsom and did our research on the Hermès website, forums and pricing across the entire web.
Remember: has not changed their prices.  What you see on the chart and on our website is what you will pay now and next year.  Here is a list of the tables for you to read.
Authentic Hermès Birkin Costs – All in U.S. Dollars
Size Clemence Togo Epsom
25cm $9,400 $9,400 $9,250
30cm $10,900 $10,900 $10,800
40cm $13,200 $13,200 $12,900
Replica Hermès Birkin Costs with Chinese leather
Replica Hermès Birkin Costs with French imported leather
Size Clemence (machine stitched) Clemence (half hand stitched) Togo (half hand stitched) Swift (half hand stitched)
35cm $980 $1280 $1875 $1295
Thank you for visiting, your home for replica Hermès bags.  Here you will find our prices are fair and stable since we started in the industry.  You can shop with confidence with our secure server and know your satisfaction is on the forefront of our minds.
Our website can be volatile at times, and customers report issues.  Reach us at: Hermessale for wechat, Whatsapp +1(402)370-6909 for text.
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