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Chic, Sleek and Spacious: The Hermes Garden Party Bag

If you’ve always wanted a Hermes bag but prefer a style that is not as common as the Birkin, look no further than the Hermes Garden Party Bag! This purse is aptly named, as you can easily picture it on the arm of a lady in a pretty dress and a hat for an old-fashioned garden party. Still, the bag has simple enough lines to make it suitable for more casual wear. You can even use it for shopping, traveling, work or school. Versatility isn’t the only thing that makes this gorgeous bag so appealing. Here are some of its other stylish characteristics:

–  Quality – The Hermes Garden Party Bag is handcrafted out of luxury Clemence calfskin leather, resulting in a level of quality that few other brands can rival.

– Durability – Designed to retain its shape, the Hermes Garden Party Bag can be easily used as an everyday bag and will still last for years. The bag is so strong that it can even be used as a book bag.

– Easy Carrying – The Hermes Garden Party Bag is equipped with two firm handles that are very sturdy and large enough to be worn on the shoulder or arm.

– Simple Access – The Clou de Selle snap closure keeps the top of the Hermes Garden Party Bag secured, but you can still easily reach the interior of the bag to get your wallet, retrieve your cell phone or access any of your other essentials.

– Ample Space – The Medium Hermes Garden Party Bag measures 14 inches in width by 10.25 inches in height by 6.5 inches in depth, meaning there is plenty of room for virtually anything that you might need to take with you on a daily basis. Bear in mind that a large bag like this may not be suitable for very petite women or for very dressy evening events.

– Great for Organization – Unlike some of the other large Hermes bags, the Garden Party has a zipped interior pocket, making it easy to keep small items safe and secure.

– Gorgeous Colors – The Hermes Garden Party Bag comes in a rainbow of very stylish hues, including Black, Brown, Red, Blue, Beige and Orange. Black is generally the most popular because of its versatility.

– Trendy – This spacious bag from Hermes is a favorite among celebrities, including Reese Witherspoon and Jordana Brewster.

In a boutique, you could expect to pay more than $3,200 for an Hermes Garden Party Bag, but if you opt for a high quality replica from HermesSale!, you can get the look of this gorgeous bag for less than $300! We have recreated every detail of the Hermes Garden Party Bag, and we use genuine Clemence leathers that we source locally to keep our prices as low as possible. We have an array of great colors from which to choose so check out selection and get your Garden Party Bag for less.

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