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Practical Meets Pretty: The Hermes Lindy Handbag

One of the trendiest and most fashionable handbags in the world, the Hermes Lindy has quite a fan club with members consisting of both celebrities like Kelly Rutherford and everyday ladies who appreciate the luxury quality of Hermes. The appeal of the Hermes Lindy comes from a combination of the exquisite style of the bag and its practicality. Keep reading to discover all of the characteristics of this trendy and chic bag.

– Size – The Hermes Lindy is available in three sizes: 26cm, 30cm and 34cm. The larger two sizes are truly the most popular. In both the 30cm and 34cm sizes, there is plenty of room for essentials and many extra items. The bags can be use for school, traveling, shopping or everyday use. Tall women tend to be best suited by the 34cm size, while petite women’s figures will be flattered by the 30cm.

– Craftsmanship – Hermes bags are all handmade, making them of superior quality even to many other couture bags. In the Hermes Lindy, the quality of the handbag is evident in its strength. The larger versions are sturdy enough to carry small laptop computers or heavy hardcover books, making the Lindy ideal for many purposes.

– Styles – There are a wide selection of hues available in the Lindy range. Black is overwhelmingly the most popular, but you’ll also find white, beige, blues, pinks, greens and purples in the collection. The handbags are most often made of Clemence calfskin leather; however, a small number of rare leather versions made of alligator skin are available.

– Straps – Very versatile, the Hermes Lindy has double straps for wearing the purse on the writ, elbow or shoulder. It is also possible to convert the handbag to a shoulder bag, giving you many ways to tote the purse.

– Details – There are a number of fashionable and functional details featured in the Lindy. The top has a turn-lock closure for security, and there are side pockets for keeping items organized. You’ll also find metal feet at the bottom. These provide support for the bag to prevent tipping when you place it on a hard surface. In addition, they serve a protective function by limiting the risk of scratching.

With all of its beautiful features, it’s not surprising that the Hermes Lindy is expensive in boutiques. The 26cm retails for $6,100. The 30cm starts at $6,750 and the 34cm starts at $7,200. At HermesSale!, we have a huge selection of Hermes Lindy replicas available for very low prices. Our replicas are made by hand from genuine leather, and we have both 30cm and 34cm styles in our collection in a rainbow of colors. When you shop with us, you’ll get a high quality handbag at a practical price, so be sure to check out selection!

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