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Meet the Spacious, Stylish Hermes Victoria II Bag

The Hermes Victoria II Handbag is an ultra popular style in the Hermes collection and has been carried by the likes of Cameron Diaz, Kelly Rutherford and even Barbara Walters. The bag has a professional look that appeals to women of all ages, and if you’ve never seen the bag up close before, read on to learn all about its many selling points.

– Size – One of the most appealing things about the Hermes Victoria II Bag is its size. At 9 inches in width by 13.7 inches in height by 6.7 inches in depth, there is truly room for everything inside of the handbag. You can use this purse for shopping and traveling, and it is simple enough in appearance to function as an everyday bag as well if you like to keep a lot of items with you during the day. Keep in in mind that very petite women may find the bag to be too bulky and that the Victoria II is generally too large for very chic nighttime events.

– Styles – The Hermes Victoria II Bag is made of Clemence leather and is available in an array of colors. Because it goes with everything, the Noir (Black) is by far the most popular. Other options include Blanc (White), Orange, Gold, Cafe, Rouge G, Brighton Blue, Blue, Raisin and Indigo.

– Quality – Like all Hermes bags, the Victoria II is handcrafted. This allows for a superior level of quality to less expensive bags that are mass-produced along assembly lines. It’s this careful, individual approach to making the bags that results in the luxurious feel of Hermes bags as well as their high prices.

– Special Features – The Hermes Victoria II has a number of stylish features. The double handles are extra long, giving you the freedom to wear the bag both on your shoulder and on your arm. The bag includes the classic Hermes locker and coordinating keys. Many women like to keep the keys in a separate place, such as in their coat pockets, to secure their bags. There is also a luggage tag included in the design.

– Considerations – Perhaps the only drawback to the Hermes Victoria II is that there are no interior pockets or pouches included in the design. This can make it a little difficult to organize small items; however, many women get around this by including a small pouch or mini purse inside of the bag to keep little things separated.

Here at HermesSale!, we carry high-end mirror image replicas of the Hermes Victoria II. Our replicas are handmade just like genuine Hermes bags, and we have recreated every detail of the originals in their design. To keep the bags affordable, we use genuine Clemence leathers that we source locally. We have a diverse array of colors from which you can choose, so shop the collection now to get your Victoria II bag for less than the $4,600 retail price.

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