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Trendy fashionable hermes birkin and kelly bags

Ladies handbags come in different styles, brands and color combinations. There is a huge range of stylish and fashionable bags which are of excellent quality and unique look. Though there are several styles which are very popular among the women but the two best of them are hermes birkin and kelly bags. The feature of these bags is that they are very trendy and suitable for different occasions. It comes in different appealing colors so you can easily decide the right color that you are looking for. Though both the bags are quite different from one another but still people are confused and they wish to know the hermes birkin kelly difference.

So if you too are eager to know about the hermes birkin kelly difference, go through this article where you will find lots of information.

Birkin bags

These are one of the very popular styles of bags that women are fond of it. It is because of its exclusive look and the high quality leather that is used in these bags. These bags are manufactured by Hermes which is a reputed company and pioneering in designing a variety of stuff for the women. The name of the bags is given after the name of a famous actress cum singer Jane Birkin. The main aim of designing these bags was to provide more options for the rich classy women who looked for trendy bags. They made from calf leather as well as leather from the skin of other species like lizards, goats, crocodiles etc. It comes in different sizes so suit your needs therefore you can prefer any size.

Kelly bags

The Kelly bags have got their name from the famous princess Monaco Grace Kelly. As compared to the birkin bags these are a bit formal. If you are looking for handbags for office purposes then this is the right choice for you. So the major hermes kelly birkin difference is in the style of the bag. These bags come in only a few sizes as they are meant for the office purpose. So depending upon the purpose, you can easily choose the right bag that you want. Owing to the exclusive look of Kelly bags, people wait for months to get a custom bag designed for themselves.

Hence now the viewers might be clear with the hermes kelly birkin difference, so next time you plan to purchase the bags, remember the above points and make the right selection.

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