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We are trustable Hermes Handbags Dropshipper

We have been in hermes handbags business for about five years.

We have helped about 30 partners to build their business and make money online. We are happy to assist our partners and we love win-win partnership.

If you have strong power in sale, or you are good at internet marketing, you can consider joining our hermes handbags drop ship program.

How can we get started?

It’s easy.

Sending an email to us, telling us how often will you place your order and how many items will you buy per batch, we will reply you very soon.

If you can order 7 items per batch, we will create a google picasa albumn for you, and upload all our available items to your albumn. Having the product images on hand, it will be very easy for you to start our own online business.

You can sell on ebay or other auction websites in your country, you may also sell them on classfied websites on your local places.

What payment can we take?

Some newbies will ask for paypal payment, we are sorry, but this is not accetable for hermes handbags dropship business or wholesale business. Why? Because paypal does not allow this, they will definitely terminate our accounts. Credit card payments is not convenient for wholesale too, because we need to pay 5%-6% transaction fee. Bank transfer is preferred. You may have heard many alarms for possible scams. But we are not among of them. If you still feel worried, you can try a sample order before you build confidence.

Do we have minimum order quantity?

For dropship partner, we have no limites for minimum order quantity. The discount is about 10-15%, depending on your order frequency.

For wholesale business, we do have MOQ of 7 pcs, and you can get up to 30% discount.

Can we accept trial/sample order?

Some customers need to check quality before they start real business.  We are very happy to take trial order. But we are not able to offer any discount for ‘trial/sample’ orders,  if you want to buy a single item to check the quality, buy it at the regular price.

What’s our guarantees?

We offer one month money back guarantee for all regular customers and we can offer 3 month moneh back guarantee to our business partners. If your customer do not like their order, you can ask them to return to our warehouse. However, we can not pay for returning postage for ANY KIND of reasons. We can only pay for the reshipping fee.

Will we contact your customers?

We will never contact your customers and we will never include our contact info on your package. You can feel assured for this. We are serious hermes handbags supplier and we know the rules of this business.

Do we offer other brands?

Yes, we can offer louis vuitton, chanel, dior bags, all are 1:1 quality. And we can also offer some original leather handbags.

How can we be connected?

We offer both livechat service, but if you have skype, msn, or yahoo messenger, you can feel free to add us to your contact list.

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